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Pro And Contra “Sex Education In Schools”

February 18, 2013

Sex education in schools is being given increasing importance as it is known to inform students about issues related to sex. It is considered important for societies that its individuals are well-informed about sex, sexual practices, child sexual abuse and sexually transmitted diseases. However, like all ideologies, sex education in schools too has its own pros and cons.

Pros of Sex Education in Schools

  • Sex education in schools can help children understand the impact of sex in their lives. It dispels myths related to sex and broadens their horizon.
  • It can also answer all the questions that they have regarding their changing body and hormonal surges.
  • Children are often inquisitive about the other gender. Sex education in school can help understand the differences and keep the desire to explore things for themselves in check.
  • Child sexual abuse is a social malice that is afflicting thousands worldwide. Sex education in schools can play an active role in curbing the incidence of abuse as through it children can be made aware of the difference between good and bad touch.
  • It is much better to teach children about sex in school rather letting them use other resources such as pornographic material and the internet. This is important because avenues such as the internet have a huge store of information that might be misleading and lead to misinformation.
  • With problems such as teenage pregnancies and transmission of STDs on the rise, it is only appropriate that sex education is made accessible in school so that the most number of children can be made aware.
  • Another pro of sex education in schools is that it transforms children into responsible adults. It is a known fact that teenagers today turn sexually active. Therefore, sex education can help them understand the benefits of abstinence in the early years or it can at least teach them how to be responsible sexually active people.


Cons of Sex Education in Schools

  • Ill-informed teachers can actually hurt the mental make-up students when it comes to sex. Children have an impressionable mind and incorrect information imparted at an early age can actually transform them into ignorant adults.
  • If not taught properly, sex education in school can become a matter of ridicule and students may not take any interest in it. Whistling or cracking jokes while a lesson is on will not only distract the entire class but will also
  • The fact that in most schools sex education is treated like an extracurricular course and not a primary one is also a major con. If the authorising body is not serious about it then they cannot expect that students and teachers will be interested in it.
  • Mostly teachers who are given the task of teaching sex education to students are not experts and have vague ideas about sex education themselves. This is even more harmful as incorrect information is extremely lethal.
  • Sex education at school may be at odds with the religious ideologies that are adhered too at a child’s home. Unless these disparities are sorted out by someone who is aware of the two ideologies, sex education at school can actually befuddle more than teach.

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